“Gabriel Silva and his team of educators have helped our son tremendously over the past couple of years. Their approach has been effective and has not only led to improvement in his grades but also to a higher level of confidence at school.” – Varsha R., Vancouver

“Our son started working with Academic Leaders a few months ago and his math grade has improved by over 20%. We did not expect this great of an improvement in such a short period of time. It is impressive, and we love their method. He has been more motivated and academically confident as a result. Thank you so much!” – Monique G., West Vancouver

“My son used Academic Leaders’ services in order to prepare for a standardized exam and their approach was excellent. He enjoyed the unique approach of their coaching/tutoring sessions and that gave me great peace of mind since I knew he was getting well prepared for his exam. Thank you, Academic Leaders!” – Heidi C., West Vancouver

“I was failing Math 11 when I decided to take the course by ‘distance education’ – and actually finished with a high ‘B’ after only three months of academic coaching with Academic Leaders. Thank you, Academic Leaders!” – Michael D., West Vancouver

“My daughter showed significant improvement in her grade 11 year as a result of the help from Academic Leaders. The potential had always been there and the academic coaching program really made a big difference.” – Jasmine P., North Vancouver

“With the help of Academic Leaders, I was able to achieve grades in Mathematics that I never thought possible. It changed my whole viewpoint on the subject and I am so grateful – thank you, Academic Leaders!” – Yassie P., North Vancouver

“Sciences were never exactly my strength, yet with coaching from Academic Leaders I actually developed confidence in both Physics and Chemistry – along with much stronger study habits to do way better in school!” – Jessie M., North Vancouver

“Just wanted to let you know our son was 2nd top in his class last week from a test. and he just text me top say he got 12/12 from a quiz today. Things are looking up thanks to you guys.” – Linda D., North Vancouver

“We have been very pleased with the services provided by Academic Leaders, and have found their tutors to be accommodating, knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. The tutors have consistently had a good rapport with our son.” – John F., West Vancouver

“Over the course of the past 3 years, Gabriel and his team of coaches/mentors have had a significant and profound impact on both our sons. As you are no doubt aware, our eldest son was a less than stellar academic and struggled through many of the courses that he did not find interesting or felt would not assist him in his post high school activities. He struggled to complete his homework assignments and did not find study stimulating. Gabriel and his team effectively got him through grade 11 and 12 Math and English. They taught him to properly prepare himself for exams and assignments and efficiently utilize what little time he would dedicate to his study. In my youngest son’s case, Academic Leaders has assisted him in moving his math score percentages from an average of 67% in grade 10 to an average of 88% after his first grade 12 term.  I am pleased to say that he has been accepted at every university that he has applied to (we still have a few left to hear from)!” – James C., West Vancouver

“We are writing this letter in support of Academic Leaders and their tutors. We were introduced to Gabriel by word of mouth from friends who have worked with his tutors and were very satisfied. Our son returned to B.C. form boarding school in Nova Scotia to attend grade 11. He had a weak grade 10 program so we contracted with Gabriel to provide a tutor to review grade 10 and frontload grade 11 math. This was done twice a week for 90 minutes sessions throughout the summer. Our tutor has maintained this schedule now assisting with grade 11 math. Our son is doing just fine. Gabriel has contacted us many times to ensure that we are satisfied, that our son is getting what he needs and to follow up on the marks for tests and exams. We feel that he and the two tutors we have met are professional and are caring and enthusiastic about their tutoring. My wife and I have no hesitation in recommending Academic Leaders to parents that need something extra for their children. We intend to maintain our relationship with the tutor throughout grade 12 as well.” – Cris H., West Vancouver