What is the experience level of your instructors?

Our instructors, the Academic Leaders, have previous teaching experience as well as post-secondary degrees related to their subject matter of choice.

In addition to their experience, our Academic Leaders have continuously exhibited a high level of passion for teaching as well as superior leadership skills.

Where do you usually offer the sessions?

We deliver the standard sessions at your house (or local coffee shop) according to your preference.

Please note that sessions with multiple students (such as exam prep sessions) usually take place in local community centres.

How much are the standard sessions?

Prices vary according to location, level of education and past experience of the tutor.

Usually the price ranges between $45 and $75 per hour of session, and discounts are offered for sessions with multiple students.

How long is each session?

The standard session is an hour and a half in length, given that hour-long sessions are usually too short to cover enough ground. That being said, many students still opt for hour-long sessions.

Moreover, statistical evidence from our past students reveals that many pupils engaged in 90-minute sessions obtain higher results than those who have shorter sessions, even after adjusting for total hours taught.