Academic Leaders Education Co. is an innovative academic consulting and tutoring practice that provides instruction in Mathematics, English, Sciences and Socials from grades K-12 and beyond. We are also proud of our success in University and College preparation and have helped hundreds of ambitious students achieve their goals.

Founder Gabriel Silva, an accomplished tutor, enthusiastic learner, and local B.Comm. (Honours) UBC graduate, has been applying the “Leading by Example”© philosophy in tutoring his students for the past eleven years.

Partnering with the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF), which provided the necessary support for establishing a strong organization, Gabriel has created an innovative academic consulting and mentoring practice which focuses on the student’s learning style and motivation as opposed to just content. This is where Academic Leaders succeeds and most other tutoring services companies fail.

Leading by Example!©

The “Leading by Example”© philosophy is simple yet fruitful: we believe students enjoy an enhanced learning experience when they are taught by a successful academic coach (an Academic Leader) who they can relate to. Our “Leading by Example” Academic Leaders strive to become role models to their students, creating synergy in the learning process.